Thai Crumbed Beef in Lettuce Wraps, Nigella Lawson Forever Summer

 After yesterdays cardiac inducing meat, butter and cream feast I was eternally grateful for tonight light on the inches and effort ,Thai crumbed beef in lettuce wraps.

Its basically what it says on the tin. Fragrant chilli spiced beef with a spritz of lime before serving spooned into crisp bland iceberg lettuce that provide a cold crunch. I made a beef version AND a version with turkey to which I added a few extra ingredients. My recipe for this can be found here. I just fancied something less heavy tasting and the turkey worked really well holding the moisture and flavoured juices better than the beef. I think I preferred my version in all honesty as it was just juicier and therefore more satisfying which I think is a more significant requirement for food when it claims to be low fat and “good” for you!

 7 out of 10


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