Tel Kadayif with cream and pistachios, Claudia Roden

 I must admit I panicked slightly when my sons number game came up with this recipe. This is a Turkish sweet dessert which is a dense layered pudding cake of finely shredded pastry (Konafi), Orange blossom scented and flavoured sugar syrup drizzled over the top with a clotted cream and pistachio roof. The list of ingredients is short but includes butter, pastry, pistachios, sugar and clotted cream. I starved myself all day to allow myself more than just a lick of my husbands spoon!

 I think the hardest things about this was sourcing the Konafi or Kadayif which is the very very finely shredded pastry needed for the recipe. My husband found it last night on his night out in Shepherds Bush in an Arab supermarket. Turkish shops should also sell it. We are lucky to have such shops fairly close to us but I’m not sure about the rest of the UK.

This is what the shredded party looks like

The pastry is given a coating of melted butter and then precooked in the oven before the topping of sugar syrup and cream is added.

The resulting dish is a luscious, rich, light (the vermicelli pastry adds lightness and crispiness) creamy, nutty and fragrant dessert. It keeps really well in the fridge so I will give a wodge to Gabi tomorrow to share with Burtie and the rest can be consumed at Matthews second party en famille on Saturday. For now its triple cling wrapped in the fridge at the back so hard for me to pick at and devour which I would do easily. A similar recipe to Claudia Rodens one can be found here:

 I added 2 tablespoons of orange blossom water to the sugar syrup and this really makes it fragrant and I cannot imagine it without this, but some people do not like fragrance so of course it can be left out.

 10 out of 10 without any hesitation whatsoever for the Roden recipe.


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