I nearly gave it all up – sewing that is.  When I started following peoples blogs a little while back I noted how “technical” everyone had become – talking of the alterations they have done on patterns – sway backs. FBA, SBA, sloping shoulders, muslin fittings ..and on it goes.  I think it kind of made me feel inadequate as I’ve always been a bit of an instant gratification type sewer who wants to cut up a pattern and have a dress in a few days and thus far I’ve been moderately lucky in that I haven’t had too many massive fails or maybe when I was younger my standards were just a bit less perfectionist taking pleasure in having an outfit for cheaper than what my salary would allow in RTW.  This is my foray into reviewing and trying out the vast world of fitting gizmos, tricks, techniques, videos..

Fast forward a few years (ahem..) and a few trips to the fabric stores and things have changed, RTW has a vast range of pieces and sizes and the cost of pattern, lovely fabric and bits and pieces no longer makes sewing a cheaper option.  Thats not even getting into the cost of fancy sewing machines, the rise of indie pattern companies (and cost of patterns) and all the new things people are sewing – bras, corsets, swimwear  which have a whole bunch of specialist findings to make it possible.

I can see why the precision of fitting is even more important when the economics of the time and materials used in making a garment is not necessarily the cheaper option as perhaps is was years ago.

The fit adjustments I now know I need to make – FBA- most of the time – but all by varying amounts; sloping shoulder  – sometimes;  lengthen bodice  – most of the time; broadening the back – when it “looks small”; increasing the bicep – most of the time.  With this one often give up on a garment as it goes hand in hand with armscye fit which goes all wonky and I hate puffed sleeves on my larger shoulders and frame.  Finally, I usually have to  raise the crotch of trousers – this starts to go into the “too hard pile” and thus I steer away from trouser making but NO MORE!.

So my goal is to nail “fit” with an added caveat of relatively instant gratification of minimising steps of getting a garment to fit right.  Rephrasing that to make more sense – I want to identify the technique that minimises all those finicky time-hungry things to satisfy the impatient sewer in me whilst also getting a good fit most of the time.

My first foray will be to try out Sure-fit Designs and my next post will be walking through how that works and my finding along the way.

Sure Fit Design Set

Hope you join me and hope I can share with you some findings that you can use in your own fitting challenges.

PS: All of the opinions are my own and I bought the Sure fit design set myself and am in no way associated with the brand.

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