Stuffed Cypriot Chicken, Pan fried Broccoli and Vine tomatoes (Asparagus is not in season) Cabbage Salad, and St Clements Drink

My mum and cousin visited so I had a great opportunity to try a menu of dishes without risking the fattening effect of a leftover breakfast on Sunday. This menu was simple and I had most of the ingredients already in my cupboard.

Let me just first say this did not take 30 minutes but more like 50 minutes and that’s without making the ice cream float. Its still impressive for all these dishes so did not complain a the 20 minute delay and apart from regular kitchen visits from a hungry little girl waiting for her dinner, my guests did not complain at the menu nor the delay either.

The Cypriot chicken is basically chicken breast stuffed with a concoction of fresh herbs, garlic, oil, feta cheese and sun-dried tomatoes. This is pan fried and partially steamed.

Apart from the chopping of all the herbs. This is very very easy and delicious and family friendly. Even my two toddlers ate it and that’s even with the highly visual green slick of herbs and cheese within the birds core.

 I have also discovered a new way of making vegetables. You basically pan fry the tomatoes over a low heat with the herbs and a small splash of oil. This imbues the tomatoes with the flavour of the herbs, toasts their skins slightly but makes their centre go like sweet tomatoey caramel. I added sliced broccoli instead of asparagus and to adapt this dish you could add any vegetable that is not too hard in texture I suppose. You then leave the vegetable cooking over a low heat and the moisture from the tomatoes prevents sticking and they flavour the whole dish with their sweet sticky herby flavour I did this with rosemary and there were no leftovers. My version can be found here

My Version is as follows:


 Two handfuls of cherry plum tomatoes or similar – the main thing here is that they are whole and not chopped

A few sprigs of fresh rosemary

3 cloves of garlic skin left on

a small splash of olive oil – spray oil will not work on this one I’m afraid

A head of broccoli cut into small florets and then cut the florets into half so they are more like strips

20 black olives – any kind as long as they are pitted

 1/ Heat the oil over a high heat until hot and then lower the temperature to a low heat and add the tomatoes and sprig of rosemary

2/ Let the tomatoes heat up, giving the pan a shake occasionally. Get the garlic cloves and squash them with the flat part of a wide knife and add these to the pan.

3/ Once this had cooked for around 10 minutes add the broccoli and allow to cook over a low heat, shaking the pan.

4/ Cook for 10 minutes or until the vegetates are al dente. Add the olives, gently stir so the dish is warmed through and serve.

 The cabbage salad Jamie recommends to go with this is a mixture of shredded cabbage, shredded onion, shredded mint and parsley and half a red chilli. This is moistened with the juice of two lemons and a slug of olive oil. This is so easy to make that I think this will become one of my favourite salads to make. Even my husband who is not cabbages best friend ate this.

 This whole menu: 7 out of 10


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