Hi, I’m Angela and I’m a sewing enthusiast and currently call Australia my home.

I sewed avidly as a kid (8 years onwards) and when I had little money to spend on the latest fashions, I ended up making most of my “going out” clothes through school and university.  Having taken a break from sewing in-between juggling jobs and a family I re-discovered sewing and the stimulation it gave the creative side of my mind (when my day-job didn’t) and when I felt like I needed an outlet.

You wont find me only coveting vintage dresses or retro fashions here.   I do love those that do the whole 1940’s/50 thing – its just not 100% me, for me its all about comfort, fit and creativity.   Furthermore, the idea of boned bodices and wearing lots of ruffles under a skirt in the summer here in Oz simply would never work or make me feel comfortable.

I am all for a bit of body positivity and love the fact that there are so many more options for the curvier sewer( myself being one of them) but I cannot honestly say hand on heart that I sew to “celebrate” my curves.  This somehow implies that I get up in the morning and joyfully wear whatever fancy take me!  Nope, sorry, not me.  I do want to wear items that flatter, items that show off the good bits and cover up the less good. I know thats not deemed politically correct at the moment but again – its back to what makes me feel comfortable and feminine without wearing a sack.  So you will find me seeking classic garments that fit me well, clothes I can go to work in, clothes I love to wear.

I don’t have pattern preference- Ill try them all as long as it fits well and doesn’t take months to finish Ill give it a go. This means Big 4, this means selected indie patterns, this means a few self drafted things.

I hope you enjoy sharing my creative adventures.



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