This was an easy peasy dish. Basically chuck some fresh chopped parsley and dried oregano in a pot, add some chilli, baste cod steak in olive oil, pat over the herbs and roast with a lime. Take the cod out of the oven after 10 minutes, squeeze over roast lime and eat. I did not really feel like I was cooking nor did I feel particularity clever at its completion.

 It was tasty and easy and the kids ate it (without the chilli though). I think it needs hot chillies to life the taste as the roasting tends to dry out the flavour of the herbs which go a little crispy. This is slightly resolved by the lime but the dish definitely lacks a lift so I would make this with hotter chillies next time and perhaps use lemons instead of lime for a slightly sweeter taste. In terms of maintaining a waistline this is a great dish, I ate it happily while my halo glowed above my head, alongside an Arabic fatoush salad (see recipie here). Matthews cousin visited and pleasured us with a bottle of Pinot Noir so I drank a few glasses of that (not with the meal though) and did not feel one bit guilty about having a school night tipple after my virtuous dinner.

6 out of 10


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