Chopped Fruit Salad, Nigella Lawson, NIGELLA EXPRESS, PG 89

 I made this with my daughter for a dessert after the Spring Chicken, instead of having it as a breakfast dish as Nigella advised. This is basically layered strawberries (steeped in a tsp of pomegranate juice) which I added a tsp of icing sugar to as its mid Winter and strawberries are very sad looking at the moment. On top of this I layered chopped Mango, I did resort to opening a tin of Mango as the two I opened were not tasty at all. On top of the Mango goes fresh blueberries and then a layer of yoghurt. Nigella advises Vanilla, so I did this for the kids and for Matthew but put some coconut yoghurt on mine. Both versions tasted fresh and provided a healthy end to the Chicken dish and there was no leftovers.

 From knife to plate: 9 minutes

8 out of 10


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