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I happened upon this system by complete accident.  I was collecting some insul-wadding that someone was selling off for her mum to make a new ironing board cover (seperate post another time) and the lady was also selling the dress kit along with the Sure-fit Stylus – a plastic curve thingy – basically a french curve with extra bits.

She sold it to me very cheaply and I thought why not.. and then it sat in my sewing room as a great dust catcher for a few months.  It was when I pulled out the Colette Rue pattern that made me think about fitting.  this is a lovely dress with some interesting design details  but one that is a bit of a head-scratcher when it comes to ensuring a good fit.  FBA + body length adjustment + bicep increase – not easy with those curving seams under the bust.  Reviews of this pattern also indicate a broad shoulder amongst other things (so may have to adjust there).  Too much to think about before even cutting a muslin..

Out came the sloper set – long story short but the front bodice bit was missing and there was no instruction booklet.  I was curious enough about the perceived simplicity of it all (having bought the Suzy Furrer Crafsty class watching 5 minutes and saying to myself – too hard for now!) and I contacted Sure Fit about getting replacements.  My curiosity was further piqued by the wonderful and quick service I got from Glenda herself who wrote back in less than 24 hours to my queries about replacement. Alas the postage to Australia was a bit high so I found a set on Ebay along with a pants sloper set but the service prevented a “too hard” pile moment.

Whats in the box:

The Dress set: This is basically a set of large paper templates with lots of dots and the idea is that you join up the dots based on your own measurements.    There is a front, a back, a sleeve (one for woven and one for stretch) and a skirt sloper set.


It sounds really simple and it is, but it is not something you can really just whip up in an evening. I think what turns the system from good to great in its concept are the massive collection of videos that Glenda has done to support the sloper-making process.  the instructions are ok but I did have a few head scratchy moments along the way and there are no instructions on doing the back sloper other than following the same instructions as the front.

The stylus has a number of curves on its for getting smooth lines between the dots and also for drawing in seam allowances though the slit around the edge. I’ve tried to point to them in the pic and more of how they work in action later..

The waist, bust and armscye templates.  Its doesn’t look big but the E cup dart makes me feel massive – especially as an F/FF cup!!!

In the next post I will talk through the measuring process and how I found the fitting process with my first muslin.

See you soon!






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