Chicken Liver Salad, Nigella Lawson, NIGELLA EXPRESS, PG 68


I decided to save this dish for Friday as it might be a light-ish end to a rich-ish week. This is super simple, pan fry the chicken livers and then add Maple syrup and vinegar to glaze them and throw them on a bed of rocket salad. It alls sounds very simple and non laborious. The dish on the whole was very disappointing. There is just not enough juicy liquid to bathe the livers in to counteract the inevitable slight powdery-ness you get from them unless you cook them rare. Also, the rocket leaves were dry and not very tasty with a mere dribble of the remaining juices. I had some bread on the side in the hope to have some flavoured remains to soak up but there were non. The flavours of the simple ingredients were nice enough but I just think you need more of them to really flavour the liver and also make the salad less dull.

 I did not even try to give this to my children despite my good intentions.

 I will try this again but perhaps double the amount of vinegar and maple syrup and hope that this may work better. I also think I will cut the livers into smaller bit size pieces so they have more chance of being flavoured by the juices as oppose to just being coated lightly.

 4 out of 10.

 Knife to plate: 11 minutes!


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