Lentil and Vegetable Soup, The Farmhouse Cookbook, Liz Trigg, PG 20

This was such a simple recipe to make and super super low in fat.  You basically take all the ingredients and boil them together, season and eat, you don’t even have to fry the onions.  The ingredients included Brown lentils, celery, carrots, garlic and onions and tomatoes and it resulted in a really lovely thick country style soup.

Its made me realise that you don’t always have to pre-fry vegetable for soup to taste good.  having said that, I did eat this as it is made within the recipe and then I started to amend the recipe quite a bit as I felt it lacked a certain “kick” and also in order to get my discerning husband to eat it in just needed more than just lentils and vegetables and I added spicy Chorizo and I grated Pecorino Cheese on at the end and served it with Onion Pot breads for added flavours.    this does add to its calorie and fat content so feel to omit these as the resulting soup is just as nice and less mouth-filling with spice and salt.  It makes a great filling meal and I enjoyed this far more than I expected..

It does make a fair vat of soup so good for packed lunches or big eaters.  Its also freezable so a great stand by for when you have nothing in the fridge


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