Week 4 , January 24th- January 30th

I have some ocaasions this week so have decided to mix a randomly toddler chosen list with some self chosen selected new dishes. It’s Matthews birthday and he has made a few requests and as we have a rule in our house that birthday boys and gorls get what they want, I have to work within the demains of my married life!


In doing this I decided to choose some recipies from the books that I was also due to take random recipies from;–mainly to avoid having all my books slide down as I remove seven books – Im having a lazy moment what can I say.


I also love this weeks cook books so despite chosing things I have not made before, I have a nice trusting warm feeling clutching this weeks books and therefore am holding on to that warmth and security before I move onto some other less appealing books next week. This week I will also try to comment more on adapting recipies to feed two small children. I am doing this for reasons of thriftiness, laziness in not having to cook many meals and also out of interest in introducing some new tatse to my children.


The Random List


1/Tray Baked Pork Chops with herby potatoes, parsnip, pears and minted bread sauce: Jamie Oliver, THE RETURN OF THE NAKED CHEF, pg 180

2/Squid Salad with Lime, Coriander, Mint and Mirzuna, Nigella Lawson, Forever Summer, pg 19

3/Tel Kadayif with cream and pistachios, Claudia Roden, ARABESQUE, pg 238

6/ Wok Mussels, Jamie Oliver, THE RETURN OF THE NAKED CHEF, pg 154

5/ Alfalfa Salad, Jamie Oliver 30 MINUTE MEALS, pg 148

6/ Thai Crumbed Beef in Lettuce Wraps, Nigella Lawson FOREVER SUMMER, pg 10


The chosen list


7/ Tuna with Red Bell Pepper Sauce, Claudia Roden, ARABESQUE, page 90

8/ Yellow Broth, 300 Soup recipies, pg 198

9/ Steak with BBQ Butters, Nigella Lawson, FOREVER SUMMER,, pg 122


For Matthew real birthday on Thursday this week, his majesty wants MEAT in the form of steak so I have therefore chosen a the Steak with BBQ butter from Nigellas books. His birthday festivities continue on Saturday with his family and he has requested Nigellas Mussels in Cider which I made last week ( a success it seems). With this in mind he also says a Belgian night might be fun so I may do some research on this and revise Saturdays menu during the week. At the moment, Saturday is a recipie free day and as he is also on a course all day I may have to do something at lunchtime or even breakfast unless I find an exotic something to try.


I chose the yellow broth as a lunchtime meal to have this week as its low in sins to make up for the slightly more sinful main dishes adding to my hips from last week and the “party” week this week. This is espcieally the case, now my beloved son has chosen the Tel Kadayif with cream as a dish this week. This is a super lucious, super sweet, Lebanese dessert of arabic vermicelli pastry, syrup and clotted cream. (yes clotted cream!)


I chose the Tuna with red bell peppers as my husband is out this week with friends on Wednesday and he is not a fish fan so I’m having something I can cook guilt free all for myself.


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