Salmorejo is a tomato based sauce/chilled soup which is basically ripe tomatoes, vinegar, sugar garlic and olive oil and a little bit of white bread all whizzed together.   I did not know this prior to making this.  It tatsed divine on its own, its like a non spiced gazpacho with a slightly grainy texture.

Unfortunately, it looks like pale red cold lumpy pea soup.   I was not sure about using it as a sauce as the cookbook advised but used it anyway over cooked prawns, tomato and slivers of avocado.

Its an unusual dish and its undistinguished looks remained; imagine red pea soup over waxy slivers of avocado, charred curls of prawn and purple strips of red onion.  I was not entirely sure about the mixture of the textures with this dish, maybe if I do this again I would try to make the Salmorejo smoother or strain it through the sieve, so the flavour is there but not the nobbiliness.

 6 out of 10 – maybe more if ingredients better and strained sauce?


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