Yellow Broth, 400 BEST EVER SOUPS, edited by Anne Sheasby

I decided to make the uninterestingly titled “Yellow Broth” today mainly for reasons of increasing worry about a “feeling” that my girth is widening. I decided to step on the scales ( not done since November) – not bad news actually but more in my “weight” post below.

This soup is basically a root based soup which is Irish in its origin with added oatmeal for a starchy injection of filling intestine lining. I had all the ingredients in my cupboard but adapted this recipe. My recipe can be found here.

I added swede to the recipe, cut into 1cm squares. I had half a swede left from yesterdays roast/smashed veg and as I did not envisage using the swede elsewhere I though it prudent to add to this dish. Also, I tend to like soups like this to have a bite. The original recipe calls for it all to be processed with only the wilted spinach for colour and texture.

I also substituted the cream stated in the recipe for a 100 mls of semi skimmed milk and reduced the amount of flour used – more for reasons of scale worry than taste.

The result was a not displeasing thick, winter warming vegetable soup which with the added oats and small cubes of swede, felt like a meal rather than a substitution. Plus there was tons left for the next few days, so that takes lunchtime worries out of the equation for a short time.

I would suggest that you cook the flour for the minute I state in the recipe otherwise you do end up with a more floury tasting soup. This is not offensive but I think it would be better without this.

5 out of 10. Respectable and repeatable but not eye rollingly pleasurable


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