Spring Chicken, Nigella Lawson, KITCHEN, PG 97

 I was quite looking forward to making this dish as 1/ Its from a newly aquired book by one of my favourite cooks and 2/ It looked like a dish that the while family could eat with a few adaptations.

 The main flavour of this dish is the Tarragon. Its basically Tarragon braised chicken in a cider and garlic based sauce with added peas and mustard near the end of cooking. Right before serving you add shredded lettuce and chopped fresh tarragon. It was a really easy dish to make and I actually made it in the morning and added the lettuce and and tarragon right before serving after heating it up. I really was not sure about the shredded lettuce in a hot dish but it worked really well and did add a fresh lighter flavour to the dish.

 I actually served it over pasta, but I think it would be better over rice or with some crusty bread aside it. My husband LOVED this. I did think it was delicious but I think its easy to do overkill with the tarragon and this recipe has both freeze dried AND fresh tarragon in it. I do love the warm aniseed flavour this herb adds however I think after a few mouthfulls, your sense reach a kind of overload and feel that numbness that comes from consuming anise scented anything.

Ethan and Mia liked this dish but I do think the tarragon is a strongish flavour and despite my ammendments to the dish (see below) to make it palatable for them, it was maybe a little rich in flavour for them to eat a lot of it. 

Kiddie ammendments:

 Once the chicken had cooked and the peas were cooked through I had a kind of juicy savoury apple flavoured juice with peas and chicken. I removed a couple of joints and shredded it. I also removed some of the juices and a lot of peas and bacon and stirred it through some cooked pasta and served this with the shredded chicken joint on top of it. I then proceeded to add more Tarragon and the mustard and shredded lettuce to the main dish for my husband and I to eat.

 From picking up the knife to start of cooking: 42 minutes

 8 out of 10


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