125 grams butter or half a standard block. I use unsalted butter

Half a teaspoon of salt

a small bunch of parsley

3 large cloves of garlic crushed

pinch of black crushed pepper

Put all these ingredients into a food processor and whizz until blended and soft.

Lay out a sheet of cling film and splodge the butter in the centre, making a rough cylindrical shape. Be sure to scrape every last bit of your precious butter onto the cling film and gently roll over the sides to start making a sausage type shape. Once you have this, twirl the ends – almost like the reverse of unwrapped a Quality Street and put your “sausages” into the fridge or freezer. When you need to use them, take them out for 5 minutes and slice off what you need.

I melted this on the ot steaks so they were still looked like discs of butter when I served the steak but they could easily be used to actually fry your chosen meat in which would baste the meat in the buttery garlic flavours.


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