Today was Matthews birthday and he desired steak. One gets what one wants when its ones birthday in our house, including me. I made two different butters to go with the steak from Nigellas Forever Summer book.

 I made a blue cheese butter using Roquefort cheese and butter whizzed together in my food processor. Then after washing it out made my own recipe of garlic and parsley butter. 

 I have not made these before and can see the attraction in making the butters in bulk, rolling them in a sheet of cling film until they are like a fat sausage shape, twirling the ends and freezing until needed. It means that if I decided to pan fry a chicken breast, some prawns, or in today’s case a steak, these can be simply melted onto the dish while cooking or right before serving to add instant flavour.

 I had the blue cheese butter on my steak and Matthew had the garlic butter on his. The mmmmms and ahhs were enough to means I did not need a reassuring “This is lovely dear” from Matthew tonight.

 I served it with my favourite Fattoush Salad and and Avocado Salad and some plain oven chips. I counted out 4 chips onto my plate as I knew my calorific intake for the week would be consumed at dessert time. See my next post!

I gave it 7 out of 10 but my husband gave it 9 out of 10


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