Rice Noodle Salad with Prawns and Thai dressing, Gordon Ramsay, Healthy Appetite 


It is my Wine appreciation course tonight so I have to have a quick dinner before I go out and so hence chose this meal to make. I actually made the dressing ahead and left it for the flavours to meld while I took Ethan to gymnastics. The dressing is what makes this dish great – its a combination of shallots (I used onion), garlic, chilli, lime, soy, palm sugar and sesame oil. I have made loads of different versions of this Thai style salad dressing and have combined the best bits of the different ones I have tried to make the ultimate Thai salad dressing which can be found here..

 The base of the salad again is one that varies depending on where you read. Nigella and Rick Stein does something similar with shredded cabbage instead of glass noodles and use Chicken instead of Prawns. My Thai cookbooks use different vegetables and different ingredients in the dressing..

 I chose to use my trusty Mixed Seafood which I have as a frozen standby ingredient for nights like these. I did follow Gordon’s recipe and thus far, from all the variations of this recipe that I have tried, this was probably the best. It had just the right balance of spicy and sweet and I have decided now to ALWAYS add sesame oil to the dressing as it definitely definitely adds a nutty rounded flavour. I cannot imagine it without.

 Preparation time, knife to table: 32 minutes

 8 out of 10 (high for a salad! But I was hungry and it was very tasty)


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