I felt fully recoved from the flu and from my sons 4th birthday party yesterday, my “dish per day” resolution started in earnest.

I can honestly say I dreaded the number game with Ethan when I had the Sam Clarke, Moro books in front of me. I Love Love Love these books but I would say at least 50% recipies have ingredients that are a bit of a struggle to source and probably grow in abundance in the foothills of Ronda or somewhere like that but not so easy to go and find in my local Tescos or even Waitrose.

I didn’t fancy spending a day trawling in some posh neighbourhood deli in central London (yeah right with two toddlers under 5) looking for salt cod or nettle tops or morels or block bottarga (whats that!) nor did I fancy spending a small fortune getting an ingredient on-line and then cursing my family who will refuse to try it. After lots of playing around with silly numbers liks 500,003,021 and numbers that barely got me past authors acknowledgements, we finally managed the following menu, in no particular order.

 1/ Stuffed Cypriot Chicken Menu with Cabbage Salad and St Slement drink, Jamie Oliver, JAMIES 30 MINUTE DINNERS, pg 147

 2/ Salmorejo with prawns, tomato and avocado – Sam and Sam Clark MORO EAST, pg 74

 3/ Incredible Roasted shoulder of lamb with smashed veg and greens : Jamie Oliver, JAMIE AT HOME, pg 49

 NOTE: I realise at this point in the exercise that the fact that my cookbooks are grouped by author/chef or style of food and I may need to re look at the randomness of this but will see how it all goes for this week and revisit. 

4/ Mussels in Cider; Nigella Lawson, KITCHEN, pg

 5/ Fast Roasted Cod with Parsley, Oregano, Chilli and Lime, Jamie Oliver, THE NAKED CHEF pg 85. 

6/ Chocos con Habas (Cuttlefish with broad beans and mint) Sam and Sam Clark, CASA MORO page 83

 7/ Apple Upside Down Cake, Nigella Lawson, HOW TO BE A DOMESTIC GODDESS

 8/ “Kinda Sausage Cassoulet”, Jamie Oliver, 30 MINUTE

I know I have eight new dishes this week but I’m inviting people over to share in the shoulder of lamb and thought I would also do dessert of some description

I have not yet decided which to have when, I need to plan when I’m going to shop for all of this and assume some things will need to be bought on the day its made like the squid. I would love to think that my children will eat some of this but I think the cuttlefish might be pushing even my boundaires. I will try and maybe will omit the chilli and spice from their portions to encourage them to try new things too.

Husband is dreading this week – especially the squid/cuttlefish days so I reckon Ill be making two dinners on these days. He was marginally more impressed with the shoulder of lamb day but I think he is secretly totting up the potential wallet emptying cost of this little venture


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