I have reverted back to the toddlers chosen random menu as I don’t foresee any occasions where I have to cook certain things no am I limited by evenings out etc(chance would be a fine thing)

 My husband also got involved in the random choosing as my two little ones started to argue about whose turn it was to pick a number and I wanted write my shopping list out and I could also see that Matthew was getting a tad irate.

 This week is as follows (in order of them chosen as oppose to order of cooking)

 1/ Chopped Fruit Salad, Nigella Lawson, NIGELLA EXPRESS, PG 89

 2/Chicken Liver Salad, Nigella Lawson, NIGELLA EXPRESS, PG 68

 Two from the same book as my kids had a melt down when I tried to change books!

 3/ Thai Noodle Salad, Gordon Ramsay, HEALTHY APPETITE, PG 67

 4/Spring Chicken, Nigella Lawson, KITCHEN, PG 97

 5/ Veg Balls with Chilli Sauce, TASTY VEGETARIAN Quick and Easy book, PG 41

 6/Venison in White Wine, Nigella Lawson, HOW TO EAT, PG 111

 7/Sausages with Onion and Cider Gravy, Nigella Lawson, FEAST, PG 38

 No majorly fattening desserts thankfully this week after last weeks clotted cream, butter pastry deliciousness. I have never cooked Venison and I’m not sure what to expect with that one. I may save that for a weekend recipe. I foresee Matthew wanting to go out on the the vegetarian meal nights but we will see. They all seem relatively kiddie friendly too.

 This week I’m going to try to adapt where necessary the recipes and have my children eat them too. Some I reckon I’ll struggle with like the chicken liver salad but I think I will try at least or maybe try to make something else from the livers for them to try the texture of it.


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