Veg Balls with Chilli Sauce, TASTY VEGETARIAN Quick and Easy book, PG 48

Time to prepare both balls and sauce : 27 minutes (ex cooking time) 

I made two different versions of these. One pretty much followed the recipe in the book but I added less peanuts (for calorific reasons) and also less chickpeas as I did not want to use ¾ of a tin of chickpeas and then be a bit stuck with a few left to try and make something with so I used ½ a standard tin. The other version I made followed the recipe as above but I added mince meat to the recipe to make this a bit more nutritious and more moist for the children to enjoy and also to please the meat lover in our household. I oven baked them instead of shallow frying as I did not think frying them would “add” anything to the flavour.

 This dish was surprisingly easy to make as was the chilli sauce – I just put all the ingredients one by one into the food processor. Whilst this was going on I made the chilli sauce. My recipe and ways of cutting corners is here.

 The resulting dish was a great crowd pleaser with both my children eating every last scrap on their plate and even my four year old son saying the dinner was “extra yummy”. My husband loved them too and liked the nuttiness added by the peanuts.

I tried both versions. The Vegetarian version is a drier dish and you definitely need the added moisture from the hot chilli sauce. The meat version was a lot more moist so you would not need the sauce but I would definitely advise adding the sauce as it really did lift the flavours. The kids had them with tomato sauce and I made rice and a green salad to go with it – nothing complicated.

 I will very definitely make this again, not only was it super quick and simple, but nothing was wasted so the enthusiasm of my family will force a repeat performance I feel.

 8 out of 10

 Time to prepare: 24 minutes including making the hot chilli sauce.


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